Self care is a part of preparing for marriage. Ask Queen Esther


Your body has different needs according to your age, and health. I’m growing through hormonal decline, and have had to implement some major self care practices, in order to endure the changes that my body is overcoming. Believe it or not, my self care regimens was getting my hair, and nails done. I was born with good genes 😉 and to keep these amazing qualities that I was blessed with, I had to increase my vitamin C, D, E, and collagen to fight against the acne, dry skin, brittle hair, and nails.

After much prayer, God sent me back to nature, to attain the natural elements to help my body keep it’s glow.

If you are learning how to love the skin you’re in like me, go back to nature to heal your body from the bruises of life.

  • Your body needs rest
  • Your body needs nourishments
  • Your body needs moisture
  • your body needs relaxation
  • Your body needs strength
  • Your body needs a peace of mind
  • Your body needs your attention
  • Your body needs yearly exams
  • Your body needs you to listen to it’s concerns
  • Your body needs massages often

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