Self care is a part of preparing for marriage. Ask Queen Esther

Can I tell my truth?
I walked away from the Church for 9 months because of offense years ago. There were some messy messengers & girl gossipers that attacked my character. I must say that I got messy and said things that I shouldn’t have said. During that time, I certainly failed by not walking in the love of Christ.
OFFense-Your ❤️ is off read Romans 8, 1 John 4,
1 John 5, Psalms 119

During those months, I paid my tithes to my cousin who is a pastor & my accountability. I felt miserable and continued doing my personal ministry in shelters & teen pregnancy homes. One day my cousin called me & said “you can’t be a part of the body if you’re not connected to it”. I went on a three day fast and the Lord told me to

👑Release the offense
👑Humble myself
👑Get back in position
👑Grow up so you can go up.

I did exactly what God said.

He reminded me that Jesus was never offended by those who took him to the cross. He knew they were part of his prophesy. I know for a fact that I would not have been promoted in the Kingdom had I not listened to my accountability. My spiritual parents received me back and continued to help me walk out my Destiny.
I want those who may be stuck to know that you can’t dishonor those God has called to cover you. They are imperfect people being perfected through Christ just like you.
God has not called you to yourself, he may give you a time out but don’t let your flesh keep you there.

Here is my wisdom:
❤️Rebellion is a Destiny Blocker
❤️You have to go through the process
❤️Stay in a place where the oil is running & the knife is cutting the lie in you.
❤️Church Hurt is an excuse not to walk out your Destiny.
❤️Yes people are hurting but that is why Jesus paid the price on the cross for your healing.
❤️Love covers a multitude of sins
❤️Your Pastor is anointed to do what God said, make sure you find the right one. Pray and ask God to lead you. When you get there, submit to their leadership so you can grow & mature in the call of God on your life.
❤️Sit down in one place & stop Church hopping, God is not bipolar or double minded.
❤️Lonely soldiers will always be wounded.
❤️Your oil will cost you everything, if there is no persecution, you are not a threat to the kingdom of darkness.
❤️While you’re at home everyone is being promoted while you’re being demoted. Pride is the killer of your Purpose.
👑Kings & Queens wage war with darkness so stop fighting the light. You won’t Win.
Celebrate those who have been a part of your journey. There are real people who are helping others walk out their Destiny. Find your tribe.
You’re welcome 😁🙏🏾👑

I thank God for the men & women that has played a major role in my Destiny. Russell Goodwin Pastor-@Melvin W Johnson @Nena Johnson @Ralph Douglas West @Sheretta West @Wayne Williams @Felecia Williams @Lamont A. Hill & Prophetess Cynthia LaDay @Regina Martin I celebrate you for all you do!

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