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How To Overcome Betrayal

I have suffered the most BETRAYAL when I came to Christ from those whom I’ve done everything to help. I’ve been accused of deceit from those who are broken, jealous, or by many whose motives were to take a spotlight that I’ve never sought after. At the end of the day, this is what happens when you’re doing real Ministry. I love serving the Lord and will never lay down my Cross until I cross over. Jesus gave us the wisdom to discern who would betray us by inviting them to the table, letting them know that he knew and still allowed them to follow through with the evil in their heart.

As fickle as the world has become, don’t get caught up judging another person by the opinion of someone else, that’s caught up in offense, jealousy, mess, confusion, pettiness & gossiping. Challenge your struggles in rejection, insecurities and dysfunctions so you don’t get caught up ✂️ off someone that has pure motives and the right intentions, yet you’re experiencing a misunderstanding. We are quick to cut someone off without knowing the truth. Satan has to use someone to do his dirty work. He wants to disconnect you from the right people because he knows your Destiny will be delayed if you get caught up in the lies. Matthew 5:44

Wisdom Nuggets:
✂️Before you go cutting people out of your life, seek God for the truth. We judge the outward appearance but God judges the heart.
💜You’re not responsible for how people treat you but you are responsible for how you treat others.
🔍 Investigate the person that brought you the gossip before you judge the person that they gossiped about.
👑Communicate with the person before you cut them off.
🔥Confront a liar so you can discover the truth.
✂️ The betrayer will cut themselves away before you recognize that they betrayed you. Beware of those that walk away without a rhyme or reason.
💔If you were there for someone when they were down & they ✂️ you off when they get up, you’re not responsible for their dysfunction. You will reap what you sow and so will they.
😩 Petty people will never prosper so don’t ✂️ off your blessings by doing an eye for an eye.
❤️Love never fails but people fail at loving one another. Don’t let it be you.
🙏🏾Pray so you can discern a prey.

May you navigate your relationships to God Success.

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