Self care is a part of preparing for marriage. Ask Queen Esther

Becoming Vulnerable While Building A Healthy Relationship!

Vulnerable-Someone who is completely and rawly open, unguarded with their heart, mind, and soul. Being vulnerable happens when you trust completely. Rather its vulnerability by pain or joy, it’s being exposed with all of the emotions that make it easy for someone (someone you trust) to really do some emotional damage or healing. Vulnerability is the surrender of all control and personal power in regards to letting someone close enough to injure you!

Most people don’t realize that hidden walls must fall that are used to protect your heart. The truth is, it prevents others from moving into a sacred space to develop a healthy relationship with them. God never told us to build a wall, he asked us to guard our hearts. You guard your heart by allowing Gods will, wsys, & his word to lead your life.

Safe Ways To Become Vulnerable!

  • Create healthy boundaries & give the other person the opportunity to SECURE YOUR HEART…….
  • Identify relationship triggers that set you off, cut you off, cause you to run & hide.
  • When triggers are set off based on past experiences, take them to God in prayer & ask for wisdom. James 1:3-8
  • Become vulnerable with others by expressing your truth in love. Set aside time & a safe environment to express your concerns. Leave room for them not to respond as you desire. This will require you both to grow through the conflict together.
  • Leave no room for the DEVIL…..
  • Pray together and stay together

Conflict Resolution

  • Write down and share your struggles with one another.
  • Express your fears & concerns
  • Ask each other what each of you need to secure each others heart.

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