Self care is a part of preparing for marriage. Ask Queen Esther

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My name is Coach Misty, your growth coach & I help Queens “Flourish” in life. Welcome to a safe community to GROW through what you go through in life. Our purpose is to value our relationships with God, ourselves, and others by focusing on becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise. My Purpose is to help Grown Women foster spiritual growth & maturity that leads to healthy relationships.
Your Self Worth Is Your Networth!

My Self Worth Is My Networth

This book helps Queens to elevate to the highest version of themselves. Let’s get rid of your liabilities, increase your assets, and add value to your relationships.
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Our relationship with God, helps us to develop a healthy relationship with others. Let’s create a colorful life in Christ by growing in our relationship with God.

In order to flourish, and add value to any relationship, you must develop a healthy relationship with yourself. You are a Queen; elevate to the highest version of yourself, by growing through what you go through.

Join one of our growth circles, and receive group coaching from Coach Misty. She will help us add value to our relationships with God, ourselves, and others.

Self care is necessary in order to elevate to the highest version of yourself. Let’s landscape your life.

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